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Tooth Extractions

Our primary goal at Happy Tooth, whenever possible, is to save your natural teeth. Unfortunately, there are times when teeth become too decayed, broken or damaged and the best solution is for your tooth to be removed. Tooth extraction is a common dental treatment that uses proven techniques to properly remove infected or damaged teeth. The extraction procedure is a relatively quick treatment which often ends pain by removing compromised teeth in order to preserve the overall health of your other teeth and gums.

Tooth extraction is a common procedure used for patients where root canals are not an option. The difficulty of the procedure will vary from patient to patient. Tooth extraction can be classified as either simple or surgical. The removal is classified as simple when performed on teeth that are visible above the gums and are able to be removed in one piece. Often but not always, Surgical extractions are performed on teeth that have to be divided by roots or have broken off at the gum line or are not visible above the gums. The surgical extraction process can be more invasive and may require a longer recovery process.

Another occasion where tooth extraction becomes necessary is when a baby tooth is blocking an adult tooth from moving into place. When a tooth is blocking the natural growth of another permanent tooth, extraction becomes a necessary procedure to prevent the hindering of the new tooth’s growth. A new tooth’s growth being hindered can be painful and may lead to other complications like overcrowding in your mouth.

Extensive or irreversible cavities left untreated will have a significant effect on your oral and overall health. An untreated decaying tooth will negatively impact the nerve endings of that tooth and spread the infection to the rest of your mouth. Early detection through a regular evaluation and a tooth extraction will help to prevent both severe pain and infection. An early extraction will protect the integrity of your other teeth and help stop gum disease that could result in the loss of other teeth.

What To Expect When Getting A Tooth Removal

The primary symptoms or signs that tooth extraction is needed are significant pain and discomfort, so one of the greatest benefits of receiving an extraction is the alleviation of the associated pain. Extracting a problematic tooth will remove the source of the infection causing the pain, help stop the spread of the infection, and improve your oral health. Once the extraction of the blocking or infected tooth is complete, you will enjoy being able to talk and eat normally once again. Some patients will have no pain, but feel the tooth being broken or the top of the tooth being missing. This should also warrant a call to the dental office for an evaluation.

The discomfort related to extraction will depend on whether it is simple or surgical. The procedure itself is painless due to the use of local anesthetic; It is important to know that you will feel some movement or pressure during the process. Advancements in dental technology have made this treatment much more efficient in recent years. However, as the anesthesia begins to wear off it will be normal to experience minor pain and sensitivity. Surgical extractions can be more uncomfortable and may require a different recovery plan.

Healing & Recovery From A Tooth Extraction

Your recovery time is influenced by the classification of extraction treatment you receive. Most extraction sites will experience mild pain and tenderness at the site of extraction for up to three days following your treatment as well as some tightness or stiffness in the jaw. The swelling and tenderness should subside and the opening of the extraction site should be close to fully healed within ten days of treatment. The greatest help in the recovery process is following proper aftercare and instructions from your Happy Tooth team.

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